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WondCom Ltd. is a solely invested biotech company of Colorcom Group. Colorcom Group is a revolutionary global company specializing in international business, with facilities and operations all over the world. Colorcom Group manages and controls a group of subsidiary companies, embracing a broad complex of capabilities in Chinese chemical, technical, industrial, biological, medical and pharmaceutical industries. Colorcom Group is always interested in the acquisition of other manufacturers or distributors in relevant areas. Colorcom Group is working on contributing to the success of our customers in nearly all sectors worldwide.

AgroCom is also a member of Colorcom Group, who is pursuing excellence since its inception. AgroCom is a professional global manufacturer of a wide range of agrochemical with the top standard international quality that is second to none. AgroCom is fundamentally a technology driven and market oriented company with constant investments for innovation.


WondCom is specializing in R&D, Manufacturing and marketing of botanical extract, animal extract, chemical synthetic ingredient, biological ingredient, life science ingredient, natural color, API, pharmaceutical intermediate, etc.

WondCom is certified by ISO 9001, ISO,14001, KOSHER, HACCP, HALAL, GMP, etc. WondCom strictly complies with the latest industry practices and all of our products meet or exceed the current international standrads as USP, EP, BP, CP, etc.

WondCom can process customization as per specific requirement and we also would like to cooperate with clients on developing novel ingredients or formulas for their brand new projects under strict confidential agreements. Welcome to contact us to achieve win-win partnerships with each other.


Colorcom Ltd., registered in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province, China, is a mission oriented and social responsible company and it is also subordinated to Colorcom Group. Colorcom Ltd. is a key member and player of Colorcom Group in P. R. China. Colorcom Ltd. operates and executes all strategies for Colorcom Group in China. With substantial financial support from Colorcom Group, Colorcom Ltd. has extensively invested in a variety of manufacturing industries in China, India, Vietnam, South Africa and so on. In order to be more international, Colorcom Ltd. has established extensive partnerships in the worldwide market, with products, technologies and services exported through out the glob. It is committed to providing competitive pricing and exceptional service to meet and even exceed the diverse needs of our global customers.

Quality & Trust Upmost, Let’s build brilliant future together. Contact us right away to feel the quality in every aspect of Colorcom Group.