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Customer Service


Customer Service

Colorcom Group Customer Service Department

Thank you for your cooperation with Colorcom Group. The customer service department at Colorcom Group strives to satisfy our clients and partners by excellently meeting or exceeding their needs or expections.

Colorcom Group believes in that customer relationships are essential to its success. Colorcom Group strives every day to not only meet our customer’s needs and expectations but also to surpass them.

Even though we are a group company and we span many industries and business segments we still operate with a small company mentality that no job is too small and a customer’s problems are never taken lightly.

We handle the following transactions, but not limiedt to the followings:

● Product Data
● Inspections
● Certifications
● Audit
● Brochure & Literature
● Customer Reception

● Strategic Sourcing
● Material Selection
● Competitive Grade Equivalents
● Product Application
● Sample Requests
● Order Processing

● Order Tracking
● Market Observation
● Project Follow Up
● Returns
● Complaints

You can choose to contact us using the email or phone us at: +86-571-89007001. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you well. Colorcom Group customer service department is at your service at any time. Colorcom is always working on every effort to offer a better solution for your success.